If your aspiration is to have a career in music or entertainment, you have to know that set-backs will happen. It's just part of the game. So after Metro Columbia, South Carolina emcee Daddy-O got home from a 3 year bid, he knew that it was time for him to take this set-back and turn it into a come-up!


"Not glorifying the street life but I've done my time," said Daddy-O. "I've done 3 years off a trafficking charge, when they were offering 75 years... So I know God is good! I just wanna bring the truth to the game. I don't want the youth to get it confused about where that type of lifestyle leads. It never really is as good as it seems, it's like once you're in the system -they never want to let you go. Man, I am still under investigation even after being acquitted!"


Don't judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a man by his rap sheet. While, holding over 10 years in the music game, Daddy-O already established himself as a successful local business owner with two flourishing businesses in South Carolina, a custom suit shop "Fashions 2, "a brick masons company "Felder Brick Work," and 555 Exclusive Clothing. Yet, he's focused on the music and where hip-hop could take him.


Influenced by UGK and other great southern acts, the Columbia South Carolina native has a previously released mixtape called, "Trapped in the Struggle – Vol. 1 hosted by DJ Scream" accompanied by his debut as a artist under Kuntry King's Breadbox Cartel's recently released "100% Cartel Money", is a living resume and testimonial to Daddy-O's work in the streets and the booth.


"I'm bringing the truth to the hood," says Daddy-O. "If you want to find out about your favorite rappers, let's start demanding street credibility! Lets go to the hood (they're from) lets ask the old folks about 'em! Let's take it back in the day and talk to them boys that are still on the corner and find out what's really going on!"

You don't have to dig that deep to find out about Daddy-O, "ask em' about Lil' Daddy. Ask em about Daddy-O "100 Karats before the Deal! - everything I rap about is my reality".

Jealous- Daddy O FMG ft. Ralo

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